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TV Personality Jasmin Andres introduces X-Cards for the iPhone and iPad: Let the cards tell you what 2014 has in store for you!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the answers to questions like: Does my partner still love me? Will I do well in the test? Am I going to move? Anyone that is uncertain, or looking for the common thread in his life, can now find out what the future has in store – by simply taking a look at the cards. Jasmin Andres (inventor of the Pandora Cards) introduces X-Cards, a universal app for the iPhone and iPad. From now on you may consult the app to find out about responsibilities, joys and fortunes in the New Year. A reading for the current day is provided as well.

In a nutshell:
– New app: X-Cards 1.0
– Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
– Card Reading for when your are on the road
– From Astro TV expert Jasmin Andres
– 36 cards with detailed descriptions
– Cards are similar to the well-known Lenormand Cards
– 4 ways to lay out cards are included
– Learning aid for beginners
– Available in English, German, and soon in Russian
– Price: $ 2.99
– Link: http://www.jasmin-andres.de/index_11.htm

Card reading works. Jasmin Andres, a regular contributor on Astro TV and provider of the card app Pandora, is expanding her repertoire. She now publishes the popular X-Cards. They can be ordered as a set of real cards, or downloaded as interactive universal app for the iPhone and iPad.

Jasmin Andres: “X-Cards are similar to the well-known Lenormand cards. Anyone that is familiar with those will also be able to instantly work with X-Cards. However, our set of 36 cards offers two additional motives for a reading – “Bride” and “Amor”. Incidentally, the X-Cards were introduced by the well known TV psychic Malkiel Rouven Dietrich.”

Each user may immediately utilize our X-Cards. The app provides an in-depth introduction to all 36 cards, as well as a description of each individual motive. A helpful learning aid explains all layouts. It can be activated with a simple swipe of the finger

The app offers four layout options: “Big Spread”, “Big Spread with integrated layout template”, “Small Spread” and “Card of the Day”.

The various layout options provide deviating predictions. The “Big Spread” dares to come up with an all-encompassing view about the users past, present and future. The “Small Spread” helps to find answers to 24 pressing questions regarding the next three month. The “Card of the Day” lets the user identify events that are in store for him on that particular day.

The cards carry names like “The Rider“, “The Path” or “The Key”. Relevant to each revealed card a short and precise explanation is displayed. For more complex layout systems the interpretation needs to be associated with the adjacent cards – that’s it.

X-Cards is now available in the iTunes App Store for download
The universal app X-Cards 1.0 (97,8 MB) for the iPhone and iPad is available for download in the iTunes App Store. It can be found under the category “Lifestyle” and is priced at $ 2.99. There are no additional in-app purchases and no advertising. X-Cards is being offered in English, German, and soon in Russian as well.

Offer to the Press
If you would like to test the universal app X-Cards, please contact the press agency. We will make sure that you receive a promotional code, which lets you download the full version from the App Store for free.

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Important Links:
: http://www.jasmin-andres.de/
Product Description: http://www.jasmin-andres.de/index_11.htm
YouTube-Video Instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07s1TUZUm_E
Purchase Cards: http://www.pandora-karten.de
iTunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/x-karten/id685338076?mt=8


Information regarding Jasmin Andres:
Jasmin Andres has always been interested in card reading and astrology. She graduated from “Michael Allgaier & Winfried Noe” through a distance education program, obtaining her Master Craftsman Certificate. Together with psychic Malkiel Rouven Max she has written a book about card reading. Jasmin Andres: “I myself am not clairvoyant, nor have any of my ancestors ever worked in this field. I apply logic to interpret the characteristics of the cards and outline it in sentences – that’s all it is. Interested parties can now watch Jasmin Andres do Pandora layouts on Astro TV.

Information regarding the responsible company:
Jasmin Andres
Allmandstr. 3
71139 Ehningen, Germany
Phone: 049-7034-279-528
Fax: 0 049-7034-2514-821
E-Mail: astro@jasmin-andres.de
Web: http://www.Jasmin-Andres.de

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